• Justice Versus Evangelism?
    The practical ministry that Jesus directed in Matthew 10 is equally significant to understanding the Great Commission of Matthew 28. The disciples were given authority, power, and a mandate to heal disease, bring life, offer restoration, overcome evil, and serve generously. The difference the disciples were called to make was practical, responding to the rea […]
  • The Least Of These
    By this parable the duty of man to his fellow man is forever settled. We are to care for every case of suffering, and to look upon ourselves as God's agents to relieve the needy to the very uttermost of our ability. We are to be laborers together with God. There are some who manifest great affection for their relatives, for their friends and favorites, […]
  • Celebrate Sabbath and Mini-Vacations
    Give your family the freedom and blessings of a weekly Sabbath. You?ve been given divine permission not to think about anything work related (either at the workplace or at home) every seven days for a whole twenty-four hours. In fact, God commands everyone to take this break (Exodus 20:8?11). What an incredible gift God has given to you and your family! An e […]
  • Healing the Hate
    Kim Anderson says there are three steps to healing racism, and it begins with intent. ?We need to be intentional about our desire to learn, intentional about broadening our horizons, intentional about our positive interactions with one another. If we work hard to build relationships with people who are different from us, and demonstrate through our positive […]
  • Family Worship
    Quick Quiz! The world?s most popular fruit is: __________. A fresh egg will __________, but a stale one won?t. Approximately three jars of __________ are sold every second. More than 5 million __________ are made for kids every year. Have you ever thought what the world would be like without color? If all the crayons in your box were gray? It would be very b […]
  • A Synthesis
    Science doesn?t deal with absolute truth. Science can only show us which of our theories best fits the evidence available now. I love science, seeking to discover something worthwhile, but I also value truth. I see the Bible is the best source of truth, even the best source for understanding geology. I can see that as the scientific search has progressed, it […]
  • The Token Christian
    We think being Christlike is a piece of cake until no one saves us a slice of the cake: no one acknowledges what a great person we are, no one mentions our name at the Wednesday prayer meeting, and no one favorites our humble brag. I want to be a real Christian. One who serves silently but loves loudly. I don?t need to be your token Christian friend. I want […]
  • Just Teaching
    The love of one's neighbor, which Jesus championed, was affirmed as an equally great commandment in Luke 10:27. This recognition led to the telling of the well known story of the good Samaritan verses 30-37, which urges that the responsibility to those in need transcends national boundaries and ethnic prejudices, even when these are carefully maintained […]
  • Jesus and Those in Need
    As John's disciples stood wondering at His silence, the ...diseased ones of all classes, some urging their own way, some borne by their friends, were eagerly pressing into the presence of Jesus. The voice of the mighty Healer penetrated the deaf ear. A word, a touch of His hand, opened the blind eyes to behold the light of day, the scenes of nature, the […]
  • Learning Through Serving
    The purpose of the church is to reach our communities for the glory of God, so we can make disciples who will join with us in this missional movement. God does not merely send the church on a mission. God is already on a mission, and the church must join God. Unfortunately, most Christians have divorced the teachings of Jesus from the methods of Jesus, and y […]

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