Noteworthy :: 2018 – Week 50

Adventist 12-year-old Earns Top-five Spot in Top Chef Junior Contest.

Atlanta resident Londyn Green, now 12 years old, is in the top five in the contest for Top Chef Junior. As a Seventh-day Adventist, she does not eat shellfish or pork. If she cooks those types of dishes, she has others taste it. Her dad Byron Green, a recruiter, went to culinary school. He encouraged her love of cooking. She has already interned at Buckhead Life restaurants, especially Amelie’s French bakery. “I have the ability to make fusion dishes,” she said. “They’re very intricate and amazing!” She could win $50,000 if she makes it to the end. Click for – Full Article

Two Adventists Charged in Separate Sexual Assaults with Minor Girls.

Derek Michael Boyce, 37, of Woolwich faces 26 counts in all, and court records say he admitted having sexual contact with a 15-year-old girl who was in his math class at Pine Tree Academy.  Click for – Full Article

Daniel Houston Shafer, a 76-year-old Virginia pastor, has been jailed pending prosecution on a Harrison County charge alleging he molested a girl. Shafer is accused of inappropriate touching of a girl under 12 earlier this year in Harrison County. Click for – Full Article

Microsoft’s Brad Smith says other tech companies need to get behind a facial recognition law, too

Michael Posner, a business ethics professor at New York University, says in recent years there’s been “a souring and a loss of trust writ large,” in the American public’s attitudes toward Big Tech. This represents an effort to address that gap in trust and begin to demonstrate what technology companies need to do to be responsible public citizens.”

Here are a few key things Microsoft wants to see in a facial recognition law:

  • Law enforcement surveillance of people in public spaces should be limited, and usedonly if a court order has been obtained. Exceptions should be considered for emergencies that could result in death. 
  • People should review the results of facial recognition in high-stakes scenarios, such as when it could harm a person or restrict their movements.
  • Companies using facial recognition should still have to comply with antidiscrimination laws. 
  • Companies should be required to be transparent about the limitations and capabilities of facial recognition technology. 

The Trump administration is giving schools more flexibility in the meals they serve. Critics say the rollback on school lunch rules is bad for kids’ health. 

NF is back in his lane of talking about deep-seated pain in his single “If You Want Love” off the album Perception. 

The music video is currently one of the highest-trending on YouTube.

‘Revival!’ brings mostly black cast to movie depiction of Gospel of John

For creator Harry Lennix, the new movie “Revival!” — a retelling of the Gospel of John with a mostly black cast — is a film whose time has come.

Neither John nor the other gospel writers describe Jesus’ skin color, but Lennix, in an interview just after the film’s world premiere Tuesday (Dec. 4) at the Museum of the Bible, said depicting him as a man of color is something black people often “don’t have the daring to delve into, and that’s a shame.”

General Conference Creates Adventist “Brand Promise”

“We can help you understand the Bible to find freedom, healing and hope in Jesus.” The Adventist Promise sets a clear expectation of what the worldwide public can expect from all Adventist entities and members. 

The Adventist Promise aims to deliver a clear message about what the movement stands for, and seeks to leave a lasting impression on people in the 21st century. 

The Upper Columbia Conference Executive Committee voted an official position on the World Church Affirmation Sabbath

“We do not have time for false alarms that divide our members” said Elder Minner Labrador, Jr., Upper Columbia Conference president. “The true emergency we face as a church is our low growth rate. We have a vital work to do both in sharing the gospel and in seeking to bring back our missing members.”

A document outlining the conference position on the WCAS and its activities was shared with pastors and church leaders across the conference. It is available here.

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