Expect more.

Why is it that movies that are no more religious in content than any other family movie on the market are considered faith-based. This is a new Hollywood trend. There was a time when there was a glimmer of hope in the movies that were coming out. Movies like; Fireproof, Blindside, Letters to God, Amish Grace, Amazing Love, etc. But recently Hollywood has taken up this idea that as long as they have christian whispers then they can be called faith based.
Recent examples of this is the movie Man of Steel that had very little Christian basis for the big push for churches to advertise this movie. As well as the most recent example of The Butler. As a Christian community we need to expect more from these types of movies, we should get more out of a faith based movies more than just a Bible on the nightstand or a crucifix over the bed, we need to get more than just hints of Christianity but clear desirable Christian beliefs that are expressed in the script, in the acting, and the portrayals that we see on the screen.
It is not cheap to go to the movies today. Why not use the power that you have in purchasing a ticket and make it speak to what you expect to see in the movie theaters.  Think about it – every time you make a purchase you also give the go-ahead for these Hollywood producers to put out a weak seemingly-Christian movies. So that the next time they are that much more resolved to sell us short. Expect more from your movie.

“Faith Marketing Brings Huge Support From Blacks in $25M Debut for ‘The Butler'” http://feedly.com/k/1avhF9K

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