Electricity & Iguanas

Got a call on Monday evening from our VBS Team trying to setup. They found that there was no power in the Church. This, as you can imagine, in South Florida heat was unbearable to work in. but they stuck at it and cleaned out the refrigerator. Praise God for their willingness to be used.

I was not able to make it out that evening so a retired elder of the church went out to check to see if he could get the power back on. He brought the necessary tools and also a family member but he was not able to get the power back on. Praise God for his willingness to be used by the Lord.

I arrive the next day with the electrition, also a church member,only to find a green iguana outside the church waiting for me to open the door. The Electrician and his nephews spent several hours with me trying to diagnose the problem. When we finally figured it out we recognize that we had to call the power company to come and fix a transformer behind the church. Thank God for their time that they spent in the service of the Lord.

I can’t forget our treasurer who willingly answered his phone while at work and then contacted his wife in order to get the electric company out to fix the transformer.

The power was restored and had a wonderful prayer meeting. As for the iguana… we let it go its merry way.

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