At the table

Mark 14: 18-19

I can’t imagine being asked that question by Jesus, but I try, and I will tell you why.  Because without the realization of how wretched I can be, I can’t appreciate just how necessary Christ’s sacrifice was and is.

You see its not just the original disciples that find themselves sitting at the table with Jesus.  No,each time I come to communion I face him. The question is, this time around, which disciple am I? At this place in my spiritual journey which one of them do I most relate to?

– Peter, just about to loose it in the face of pressure to acknowledge his relationship with Jesus.

– Thomas, holding off any commitment, for right now, at least till all the facts are in.

– Judas, more interested in getting Jesus to do what he wants then he is interested in doing what Jesus wants.

– John, so close to Jesus that it is uncomfortable for others of lesser connection to watch the two of them.

Before I conduct a Communion Service, or take the body and blood of Christ,  I take a good hard look at myself and identify where I am sitting at the table this time around, but not only that but also, by the power of the Holy Spirit, where I want to be the next time I find myself AT THE TABLE.

I pray that you find some time to do the same.

1 Corinthians 11:28-29