Another Reason to Vote Issues.

Obama – New Justice – And You. Three degrees of separation – here’s how it works.

President Obama will have, in his eight years as president of the United States, selected three Supreme Court Justices. That is no simple thing,  these individuals hold a life-long office, they can over turn decisions made by citizens in their states, and have the power to have those rulings become the law of tht3jl2jhoe land.  Obama’s previous two selections have already shifted the previously conservative court to a moderate one, and now with this last resj7wgiselection he has the power to turn the tide on the courts make-up, making the transition complete from conservative-leaning to liberal majority.

That is why it is important that we all vote because while we don’t have a vote in the selection of Supreme Court Justices we do select the person who will.

One other point that I would add is this – voting for a persons you like is not as important voting for  a person that will champion the issues that are most important to you.  Vote the issues, not just the sound bites, or the name you recognize the most, but the person that most closely espouses your beliefs, or at least will defend the freedoms that will allow you to continue to enjoy the life you lead.  Two sources that I have found helpful in this has been, and

And just in case you were not convinced that this really is important here are some National Issues that will be directly affected by presidential decision:  Immigration, Abortion, Affirmative action and Public employee unions.

“Before Scalia’s death, the court was ideologically split with many 5-4 decisions. The remaining justices are generally divided among four conservative votes and four liberal votes — leaving the next nominee crucial to the court’s direction, potentially for years to come.” – Full Article

Another Obama appointment would shift the balance of the Court for a time, but it probably isn’t going to stay that way for long. Conservatives might also consider that Republican appointees have made up the majority of the Court for decades, and it still hasn’t done many conservative causes much good. – Full Article

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